5 Ways To Reduce Your Risk of Cancer

5 Ways To Reduce Your Risk of Cancer


The lifestyle choices you make daily can contribute towards reducing the risk of cancer. You can check the World Health Organization (WHO), for these prevention steps that are long-term strategies to control cancer. According to specialists of preventive oncology in Siliguri there are about more than 50% chances of combating cancer with adequate knowledge of a healthy lifestyle. If you are concerned about cancer, follow these five ways to avoid the risk of this deadly disease today.

Maintain Your Diet

Consuming a healthy vegetable and animal protein-based diet can reduce the risks of cancer. Try to base your daily meals on plant sources. Eat plenty of green leafy vegetables and fruits along with grains and beans.

Also, try to limit the intake of greasy or refined sugar-based food. Here are a few tips regarding your eating habits to combat cancer like:

  • Eat lighter food with a lesser share of calories
  • Avoid the alcohol intake
  • Cutting down the intake of processed meat

Oncologist suggests relying on fish for animal protein in place of red meat is good for preventing the scope of having cancer.

Stop Consuming Tobacco

In addition to smoking as well as alcohol consumption, taking tobacco is also damaging to your body. Chewing tobacco is often connected to throat, mouth, and pancreas cancer. Maintaining your distance from tobacco is a major initiative in preventing cancer.

However, those who are habituated to consuming tobacco may require professional help in quitting tobacco. Get connected with the preventive oncology in Siliguri for more such help.

Stay Physically Active

Maintaining your physique and healthy body weight is a great way of controlling the chances of having cancer. You can reduce the risk of many types of cancer of the colon, breast, kidney, prostate, and lung through exercise.

Try to perform a proper amount of aerobic exercises or workouts every day that will benefit your health. The fitness enthusiasts will suggest combining moderate and hardcore physical activities for a minimum of 30 minutes to prevent cancer and related ailments.

Having Safer Sex

Lack of awareness or carelessness toward sexual practices may increase the chances of having cancer. Limiting your number of sexual partners and safer use of a condom can reduce the risk of lung, liver, and anus cancer.

A greater number of sexual partners may increase the chances of having sexually transmitted diseases like HIV and AIDs, which further complicates and leads to cervical or anus cancer.

Avoid Sun Exposure

Sun cancer is one of the serious concerns for today's oncology study. To be on the safer side, always carry an umbrella to avoid direct exposure to harmful UV rays. Avoid mid-day sun between 12-3 PM when the rays are the strongest. Wear broad-brimmed sunglasses and hats.

Apply broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least SPF 30 or more. Skin cancer can be preventable with adequate measures beforehand. Also, avoid using tanning beds as they impact your skin similar to the harmful UV rays.

They say prevention is a wiser choice than cure, certainly, that's true in the case of cancer. The health professionals in preventive oncology in Siliguri will guide you with the necessary measures to reduce the risk of having different types of cancer.

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