5 Treatment Options Offered By Cancer Specialists

5 Treatment Options Offered By Cancer Specialists


The requirement of feasible and impactful cancer treatment options has inspired the research and development that patients gain good results and positive outcomes. Generally, oncologists offer surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, targeted drug therapy, immunotherapy, etc according to your stage of cancer.

With the advancement of medical oncology, many forms of cancer are now curable. Ask a cancer specialist in Siliguri which treatment options are suitable for you. Sometimes, doctors use either individual or combinational treatment options according to the type of cancer you have. The top 5 treatment options are discussed below:

Cancer Surgery

Surgery can diagnose stage, treat and cure cancer. The doctor wants to know the type of cancer and its stage by doing a biopsy. While cancer is not spread throughout the body, an oncology team advises you for surgery.

In such a method, your doctor successfully eliminates the cancerous tumor from your body. Post-surgical period maintenance the guidance of the best oncology team will help to cure you early.


In chemotherapy, your cancer doctor uses some drugs to kill the cancer cells and surrounding tissues from you. In such cases, a health care provider uses single or combinational drugs according to your condition.

A medical team is responsible for which drugs are suitable for you, depending on your age, overall medical health, prior cancer treatment, and your stage. Doctors use chemotherapy for all types of cancer including solid and hematologic malignancies.


By boosting the immune system your cancer doctor prevents a particular type of cancer. Immunotherapy detects the affected area and demised cancer cells and other possible infected tissues. At the point when disease cells create, they can disturb your organ's capability.

To conquer disease issues, your oncologist could go for immunology treatment. Malignant growth can require a long time to create. In the event that disease is normal in your family, the hereditary change can pass starting with one age and then onto the next.

Radiation Therapy

Radiation treatment, likewise called radiotherapy, is a sort of malignant growth therapy. This therapy utilizes light emissions energy to kill cancer cells. Radiation treatment most frequently utilizes X-beams.

If the radiation machine is placed out of the patient’s body it is named external beam radiation, while if it is placed inside of the patient’s body it is named brachytherapy.

Hormone Therapy

With the help of breast cancer and prostate cancer get cured. Your cancer specialist in Siliguri either collects the hormones from your body or blocked them in a particular area and wants to use their effect to stop developing cancer cells.

Researchers now continue their research to reduce the symptoms, decrease mortality rates and even prevent cancer. Though all cases are individual, take the best oncologist’s advice and work according to your doctor.

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