The Role Of Cancer Surgeon In Cancer Treatment

The Role Of Cancer Surgeon In Cancer Treatment


Cancer is known as an endangered disease featured by developed cells unnaturally to the demise of normal body tissue. Some cancers are capable to spread throughout the body. Treating cancer surgery is a common method.

Though cancer is the second main cause of death luckily they are now curable. If you are diagnosed with cancer, contact the best cancer surgeon in Siliguri immediately. With the advancement of the treatment system now cancer screening, diagnosis, and prevention are improved.

Why Cancer Surgery is Important?

Some common conditions lie behind cancer treatment. Such as:


With the help of surgery, your cancer surgeon took a small piece of tissue from the affected area. It is sent to the lab for diagnosis, whether it is cancerous or not. After diagnosis, your cancer doctor makes a treatment plan.

Primary Treatment

For many cancers, surgery plays a pivotal role to cure.


Surgery can show you the size of the tumor and where it is spread. Thus your stage of cancer is detected. Your healthcare provider makes a treatment plan accordingly.


Sometimes surgery cannot wash out the complete tumor from your body. Your cancer surgeon removes the maximum portion, this process is called debulking.

Relief From Side Effects

Surgery gives you relief from side effects. When cancerous tumors press onto your nerves and bones or block your abdomen, it creates pain. Surgery can get your quality of life from pain.


For some cancer treatments, an organ is completely removed from your body before the cancer spreads to the other organ. Thus, surgery can help to prevent cancer.

Combinational Treatment

Surgery is often used combined with radiation and chemotherapy. The treatment depends on your stage and overall health condition.

What is the Procedure Used in Cancer Surgery?

When your cancer surgeon decides to remove the cancerous tumor including that organ, he or she uses some tools to remove it. Including some other nerves, the organ is cut down. Sometimes, your doctor removes lymph nodes from that area. Those lymph nodes are tested whether it contains cancer cells. If lymph nodes contain cancer cells there is another chance to spread cancer to another part of the body.

Now many alternative types are used for cancer surgery, which include: 

Electro surgery


Mohs surgery

Laser surgery

Robotic surgery

Laparoscopic surgery

Natural orifice surgery

What are the Side Effects of Cancer Surgery?

Some risks lie behind cancer surgery. The types of risk depend on which pattern of surgery is used upon you. Some common side effects are:



Blood clotting



Considering your health status you will stay in hospital after a few days of surgery. Your best cancer surgeon in Siliguri will advise you about recovery, your diet chart during the post-operation time, and medications also.

Confirm with your healthcare provider about dos and don’ts during the post-operation stage. Maintain your oncologist’s guidance and take support from family members immediately after the surgery.

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