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Oral cancer, one of the most common cancers in India, can affect any part of your oral cavity. It typically develops as a squamous cell carcinoma on the surface of your tongue, gums, or any area of your mouth. Such malignant tumors can also grow in your major and minor salivary glands, pharynx, or tonsils. A long unhealed sore, lump or pale patches in your mouth can be an early sign of oral cancer. Even loss of teeth without any cause and discomfort in your mouth that doesn’t heal for long periods can cause malignancy.

Dr. Manish Goswami is a leading consultant head and cancer surgical oncologist in Siliguri. He resorts to healing cancer pain through medical, therapeutics, and surgical assistance. Depending on the size and character of cancer and your overall health condition, your doctor offers the best possible treatment. A complete cure is not impossible if cancer has not developed beyond the oral cavity. Surgery is considered helpful in such oral cancer cases. If cancer spreads in your throat, multiple therapies like chemo, radiation, and surgical intervention may require.

Dr. Manish Goswami

Dr. Manish Goswami

Consultant - Head and Neck Surgical Oncologist in Siliguri