Head & Neck Oncologist In Siliguri

Malignant tumors that develop in any part of the nose, sinuses, mouth, throat, or jawline come under head and neck cancer. Cancers that develop in these areas of the body emerge from squamous cell carcinomas. Started as flat squamous cells, they often build a thin layer of tissues on the surface of different organs around the head and neck.

Get reliable treatment from an experienced head & neck oncologist in Siliguri. Dr. Manish Goswami is one of the leading consultant head and neck surgical oncologists in North Bengal. He treats patients with oral cancer , nasal cancer, throat cancer, etc. He helps you with an early diagnosis and a proper treatment procedure.

Head & Neck Oncologist In Siliguri

Types Of Head And Neck Cancers

Cancers can develop in different parts of the body. Here is a list for you:

Oral Cavity

The oral cavity includes the lips, the tongue, the floor, and the whole area inside the cheeks and lips. Signs of oral cancer includes lump in the neck, difficulty breathing, or constant sore throat.


The area starts from the tonsils to the tip of the voice box. Sore in the mouth that does not heal for long times is one of the most common symptoms of oral cancer.

Throat (Pharynx)

The pharynx starts from the area behind the nose and ends up in the Esophagus. Abnormal voice changes without a cold for more than two weeks are regarded as symptoms of throat cancer.

Larynx and Hypopharynx

The larynx, or the voice box, is a tube-like organ that involves swallowing, breathing, and talking. Symptoms of cancer in this part are the same as throat cancer.


The upper part of the throat is called nasopharynx. Cancer in this area has symptoms like constant nasal congestion or stuffiness and chronic sinus infections. Swelling in the face-eyes-ears, persistent runny nose, frequent bleeding in the nose, or pain opening the mouth may also be early cancer symptoms.

Salivary Glands

The major salivary glands that produce saliva, are situated on the floor of the mouth. Cancer of the salivary gland includes difficulty, pain, or gradual stiffness in the facial muscles.

Head and neck cancers are the 6th most common cancers in the world. Dr. Manish Goswami is well-known for his promising treatment. Doctor Goswami is a prominent head & neck oncologist in Siliguri. Besides local patients, your doctor has successfully treated many peoples with head and neck cancer from the neighboring states and countries..

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