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Your throat, a long fibrous tube, starts from the nasal passage and ends on the neck. Hence, throat cancer may occur in any part - from the Nasal Cavity, the Nasopharynx, the Oropharynx, the Hypopharynx, the Larynx, the Esophagus, and parts of the Trachea. Most of the head and neck cancer symptoms are the same as the common cold or cough hence, difficult to identify. But the significance of most cancer symptoms – they are persistent. Unlimited tobacco, alcohol, and areca nut (supari) consumptions are the most common reason for every head and neck cancer.

Your doctor has treated successfully treated many patients with throat cancer. Dr. Manish Goswami performs critical nasal and voice box cancers using the best clinical options. However, throat cancers typically require radiation therapy, targeted therapy, chemotherapy, and surgery. Immunotherapy is also a good option for some cancers. Radiotherapy might be the single option to stop cancer cells from developing into the lymph nodes or connected organs. Common surgeries include wide local excisions, Laryngectomy, Pharyngectomy, neck dissection, etc.

Dr. Manish Goswami

Dr. Manish Goswami

Consultant - Head and Neck Surgical Oncologist in Siliguri