5 Useful Therapies For Cancer Treatment

5 Useful Therapies For Cancer Treatment


Cancer is a deadly disease that is caused by DNA mutations within cells and takes years to develop. Cancer destroys normal body tissue and spreads throughout your body when develops. There are many forms of cancers such as brain, lung, liver, kidney, and others.

Usually, cancer has grown stage-wise. When cancer cells develop, they disrupt your organ's function. To get relief from cancer, your oncologist may refer the best cancer therapy in Siliguri. Genetic cancer can pass from one generation to another.

Even though it is not clear how the mutations lead to cancer, if you have any of the symptoms, you can consult your oncologist to get relief. Cancer treatment is truly difficult however defeating the growth of cancer cells is the ultimate goal of medical treatment.

Cancer Therapy Treatment

There are many ways to treat cancer. The method of treatment will be determined by your cancer therapy doctor after monitoring your current health condition, type of cancer, stage, medical history, and choice. Your oncologist will talk to you about each treatment option, either individually or in combination. Cancer treatment choices are as per the following:


Chemotherapy is a common yet famous cancer treatment. During the treatment procedure, either single or combinational medications are used to disable cancer cells from your body. This powerful drug treatment contains powerful chemicals that aim to kill fast-growing cells in your body.

Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy, also called radiotherapy, is another powerful cancer treatment where an X-ray or proton beam is used to demise cancer cells. If the radiation machine is placed out of the patient’s body it is named external beam radiation, while if it is placed inside of the patient’s body it is named brachytherapy.


Immunotherapy is an effective treatment for cancer that boosts your body's immune system to find and kill cancer cells.Your oncologist might use immunotherapy either individually or with a combination of chemotherapy, targeted therapy, or other cancer treatments.Immunotherapy may be suggested by your oncologist if traditional treatments for cancer have failed during the advanced stage.

Targeted Drug Therapy

Targeted drug therapy is a way of cancer treatment, that focuses on genetic mutations which transform normal cells to cancerous ones. Your oncologist initially locates the cells that are responsible for cancer. Targeted drug therapy no more hurts the healthy cells. Sometimes your doctor might use it as a frontline treatment.


In this treatment process, the cancer cells are killed by cold. The affected cells are killed by using the freezing and thawing process several times. A wandlike needle named cryoprobe is used in this treatment.

The main aim of cancer treatment is to cure your cancer, permitting you to spent a disease-free life. Depending on your health condition, your oncologist might refer you to the best cancer therapy in Siliguri for betterment.

Despite the fact that cancer is a life-threatening disease, it can be treated, and thousands of cancer patients survive each year by undergoing essential cancer treatment therapies.

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