Cancer Therapy In Siliguri

Head and neck cancers are one of the top cancers in India. As the illness and treatment occur in the adjacent areas of the head and neck, you will find difficulty in your oral functions. Surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, or whatever treatment - affects your swallowing, chewing, and talking ability.

If the cancer is in an early stage, you might select your treatment options with various cancer therapy in Siliguri. Dr. Manish Goswami, a leading head and neck cancer surgeon, will help you in early recovery. After completing the treatment sessions, he will also help you healing the side effects of different therapies and surgical procedures.

Cancer Therapy In Siliguri

How To Get Rid Of The Effects Of Cancer Therapy?

Radiation causes various side effects in patients. It can hamper your taste buds, decreasing your desire for eating, followed by a lack of nutrition. Radiation impacts your face (chin, jawline, or cheeks) and the overall skin texture. Many side effects improve over time, but some patients have long-term difficulties with radiation, chemo, or surgery. Your doctor will help you manage these post-treatment traumas.

Some ways to heal the difficulties include:

Dry Mouth:

  • • Rinse with salt water
  • • You can suck ice cubes
  • • Try to eat soft foods
  • • Try to avoid coffee or citrus drinks
  • • Don't eat hard, crunchy, too salty, or spicy foods
  • • Drink plenty of water

Speech Impairment:

A speech and language therapist (SLT) can resolve your speech impairment. They will guide you with techniques and exercises that improve talking difficulties.

Chewing Difficulty:

A restorative dentist can help you by contouring the affected parts.

Sleeping Difficulties:

  • • Take warm baths
  • • Take some hot drinks
Cancer Therapy In Siliguri

Issues in the skin:

  • • Monitor your skin changes to avoid infections
  • • Try to do physical activities

Stiff Shoulder & Neck:

  • • Gentle massage with some oil or cream helps you
  • • Your doctor will help by suggesting the right posture, exercises, or medicines

Take Care When Traveling:

  • • Avoid sitting for long periods in one position
  • • Do gentle stretching exercises during the train or flight journey
  • • If traveling in cars, get stop after some duration to get out and walk
  • • Avoid tight-fitting clothes

Your look may change after the cancer treatment. But most of the issues heal within 6-7 months. You will find help for cancer therapy in Siliguri with your doctor's support. Dr. Manish Goswami offers convenient and thoughtful post-therapy patient support to help them cope with the traumatic period.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If patients have had total laryngectomy (removal of the entire larynx) they would not be able to speak normally.

Usually, thyroid cancer treatments are successful. Patients can experience a normal life after appropriate treatment.

Not every skull base tumor is cancerous, although even noncancerous ones need appropriate and timely evaluation.

Yes. Less invasive endoscopic surgeries are helpful for patients with skull base tumors.

Surgery is the primary treatment for all nasal cavity and PNS (paranasal sinus) cancers. You might need to remove lymph nodes and other tissues around your neck for advanced-stage cancers. Radiotherapy and chemotherapy are also helpful in some cases.