5 Useful Therapies To Treat Cancer

5 Useful Therapies To Treat Cancer


Cancer is one of the brutal diseases that are responsible for death in recent times. What is the first thing that haunts our mind when we first hear the word ‘cancer’? The maximum answer is chemotherapy. But chemotherapy is not always the first or curable way.

People think that cancer means chemo, nausea, vomiting, hair loss, etc. With the guidance of cancer therapy in Siliguri, you learn the new treatment procedure. Now the oncologists tailor personalized care for every individual patient. Below are the five useful cancer therapies that treat cancer.


Except for blood cancer, surgery is suitable for all types of cancer to remove a whole or partial solid tumor. In most, the case surgery is done in the early stage so that cancer cannot spread to other parts of the body. It is proven that many patients don’t need any other treatment except surgery while it is in stage 1.

On the other hand, while cancer is spread from its origin to other organs, surgery is the first step of treatment. In most cases, doctors use minimal surgery to remove the treatment, but sometimes open surgery is required.


Immunotherapy is a comparatively new treatment method. In this treatment, patients’ immune system is increased to fight against cancer. Many difficult cancers are treated by immunotherapy. It has no side effects like nausea, hair loss, etc.

Yet, some drugs may create side effects. It is given to patients intravenously. The patients having metastatic melanoma now survive with the support of immunotherapy. Melanoma patients are also treated by immunotherapy. Immunotherapy is now considered a frontline treatment.

Targeted Therapies

Targeted therapies or in other names precision medicine are made for every individual patient. Firstly, collect their blood samples and test which gene is responsible for cancer. All six types of genes that are generally responsible for cancer are treated by targeted therapy.   

According to that gene your oncologist tailors which medicines are suitable for you and which are not. Targeted therapy is generally used for all stages of cancer. Medicines are provided either in pill or IV form to demise the cancer cells or to stop their growth. For the first stage, it is used to avoid recurrence. For the breast cancer patient targeted therapy is a popular way of treatment.

Active Surveillance

Active surveillance or in another name watchful waiting is used for specific cancer treatment. Cancer is growing slowly, and active surveillance is suitable for them. Active surveillance is used to treat the initial stage of prostate cancer when it works slowly.

But when the blood tests and monitoring show the rapid growth of the tumor, your oncologist advises you to move to another way of treatment. It has no side effects and people can live normally.

Often it is used for patients who have lots of side effects due to other ways of treatment or the patient who is exhausted of receiving all other ways active surveillance is also used on them.

Supportive Care

Supportive cancer care is a good complement to the standard treatment to ease the patients from physical and emotional stress. Psychotherapy and massage a beneficial mediums to recover from pain.

Acupuncture is also helpful for those who are diagnosed with cancer. Sometimes oncologists of cancer therapy in Siliguri will suggest you see a nutritionist if your weight loss is due to treatment. To recover the nutritional balance and proper body weight a healthy diet plan is necessary.

Consequently, aromatherapy, mindful medications, fitness classes, and hypnosis are also helpful for them. With the guidance of an oncologist try something innovative for a cancer patient to release the patient from physical and mental stress.

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