A Brief About Cancer Therapy Treatment

A Brief About Cancer Therapy Treatment


Cancer is the second prime reason for death in the world. The disease refers to a combination of a wide variety of diseases which is featured the growth of abnormal cells in the body. These unnatural cells divide uncontrollably and damage the normal tissues and expand throughout your body.

The unit of cancer therapy in Siliguri includes surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, and some other therapies that are used to shrink the cancerous tumor. Depending on your health condition the oncologist provides any specific or combinational treatment that suits you.

After monitoring your medical history, current health condition, type, stage, and location of cancer your oncologist will determine the ideal treatment.

Types Of Cancer Therapy Treatments


Chemotherapy is a common cancer treatment therapy that is used to ease cancer pain. The main aim of this treatment is to demise cancer cells and give you relief.

Radiation Therapy

In radiation therapy x-ray or proton beam is used to demise cancer cells. If the radiation machine is placed out of the patient’s body it is named external beam radiation, while if it is placed inside of the patient’s body it is named brachytherapy.

Bone marrow transplant

Inside your bones bone marrow is a substance that prepares blood cells and blood stem cells. In the bone marrow transplant process your bone marrow or sometime’s donor requires.

Your doctor can use a higher dose of chemotherapy in the bone marrow transplant process. This treatment is also named stem cell transplant. Bone marrow disease also follows this treatment procedure.


Immunotherapy is a biological process where your immune system is used for treatment. Immunotherapy can detect the cancer area of your body and attack it.

Targeted Drug Therapy

In detecting particular complications in cancer cells targeted drug therapy is applied there.

Hormone Therapy

Some types of cancer such as breast cancer and prostate cancer are demised by particular hormones. Your oncologist either collects the hormones from your body or blocked them in a particular area and wants to use their effect to stop developing cancer cells.


In this treatment process, the cancer cells are killed by cold. By using the freezing and thawing process several times the affected cells are killed. A wand-like needle named cryoprobe is used in this treatment.

Radiofrequency Ablation

In the radiofrequency ablation process, electrical energy is passed through a needle or a small incision by your cancer doctor in the affected zone of your body. This procedure heats the cells and surrounding tissues aimed to kill cancerous cells.


When no therapy works well, your oncologist can go with open surgery to remove cancer and give your relief. The main aim of cancer therapy in Siliguri treatment is to cure your cancer permanent basis. To get better treatment for cancer, consult your oncologist early.

Follow the guidelines and after-treatment procedures as suggested by the doctor. Cancer treatment is very challenging that takes time to resolve completely. Get in touch with your oncologist to get safe and live a healthy life.

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