Medical Oncology & Cancer Treatments

Medical Oncology & Cancer Treatments


The medical oncology department provides cancer treatments by a group of medical oncologists and prepares a treatment plan follow-up with chemotherapy, targeted drug therapy, hormone therapy, and more. It impactfully works on the treatment of cancer that works with radiation oncology and surgical oncology.

If you are diagnosed with cancer and required medical oncological treatment, consult your best oncologist in Siliguri today. With the help of advanced technology and an expert team, you will get the right way to improve your health and become cancer-free.

What Are The Types Of Medical Oncological Treatment?


Chemotherapy depends on the drugs for the treatment of cancer. With the help of drugs, cancer cells are completely impaired or sometimes decrease their growth rate. Recurrent cancers and metastatic cancer are followed by chemotherapy.

During this treatment, your oncologist provides you with the drug orally, intravenously, or injected it into the fluid directly around the bran and the unnatural cavity portion. There are three types of chemotherapy exits:

  • Neo-adjuvant Chemotherapy
  • Adjuvant Chemotherapy
  • Palliative chemotherapy

Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy is one of the most powerful treatments that is used to treat cancer. This is a treatment that includes the most common type, external beam radiation therapy (EBRT), and internal radiation therapy.

Usually, this treatment is used individual basis or in combination with other treatments, such as surgery, and, or chemotherapy. Depending on your health condition and the type of cancer, your oncologist will recommend radiotherapy.

Targeted Drug Therapy

Targeted drug therapy is considered advanced cancer care where drugs are specifically used in the cancer cells where protein and genes are found or the surrounding cells to impair the growth.

Targeted drugs help to cease the development of cancer in the other organs of the body. Two types of targeted drug therapy are shown:

  • Small molecule drug therapy
  • Monoclonal antibodies

Hormone Therapy

Hormone therapy is applied for the ho hormone-based or hormone-sensitive cancers that base hormones for their development. Breast cancer and ovarian cancer are the best instances of hormone cancer. The treatment is used to stop hormone production to diminish or impair the development of cancer cells.


Immunotherapy is an inventive method where cancer cells are killed by the body’s immune system. This medical oncological process is used on cancer cells to stop their growth.

Your medical oncologist applies immune cells in your body to boost up the immune system which fights against cancer cells. Immunotherapy is divided into three types that include:

  • Drug therapy
  • Cancer vaccines
  • Dendric cell therapy

Cancer is a complicated disease and now is considered the second leading cause of death. To decrease the complexity the doctors in medical oncology in Siliguri use a combinational treatment with medical, radiation, and surgical.

The doctors also advise you to change your lifestyle after diagnosing cancer. Depending on your present health condition, your oncologist decides which oncological treatment process is applicable to you.

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