Medical Oncology In Siliguri

Medical oncology is a medical discipline that deals with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment procedure for cancer. A medical oncologist works for his patients by managing treatment procedures like chemo, targeted therapy, hormone therapy, immunotherapy, etc. He also helps other doctors in making a proper treatment plan.

You can find an effective result in your cancer treatment with the assistance of medical oncology in Siliguri. Dr. Manish Goswami, the noted consultant head and neck surgical oncologist, helps you in every stage of the treatment session by explaining your condition. Your doctor also helps you by managing your symptoms and post-treatment side effects.

Medical Oncology In Siliguri

How Does Medical Oncology Help You?

Medical oncology offers a multidisciplinary team of experts who provide an integrated healthcare system that includes:

Primary Check-up
Clinical Services
Other Medical Assistance
Surgical Cancer Therapeutics

Role of a Medical Oncologist

Visiting a medical oncologist right after the diagnosis or even before is one of the first steps toward your cancer treatment. He performs biopsies in which a tiny piece of tissue is taken from the affected area to examine cancer. Your doctor will help you understand the whole procedure and the estimated timeline.

He explains:

  • - When should you start treatment and the existing treatment options
  • - How much time do you need to complete the treatment
  • - Risks and side effects

Treatment Plan

Your doctor will provide active services during the treatment procedure. In addition, he also supports patients who are unable to handle active chemotherapy with different therapies. The general cancer treatment plan includes:

• Chemotherapy, targeted therapy, hormone therapy, or immunotherapy

• Radiation therapy

• Surgery to remove tumors

• Palliative care support


The recovery period depends on factors like co-morbidities, patients' age, initial complication, and stage of cancer.

Medical oncology in Siliguri helps you fight head and neck cancers and achieve a disease-free life. Dr. Manish Goswami conducts the whole therapeutics process to give you the most effective outcomes. As your primary healthcare provider, he leads and monitors your improvements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Medical oncology focuses on the diagnosis, treatment & prevention of cancers. Medical oncologists treat cancer using medication, including chemotherapy, hormone therapy, immunotherapy & targeted therapy.

Both modalities - chemotherapy and targeted therapy are helpful for head and neck cancer treatment. The difference is that healthy (noncancerous) cells can survive with targeted therapy, while chemotherapy kills them when eliminating the cancer cells.

Generally, radiation therapy does not have immediate effects; it could be different for individuals and take days, weeks, or months to show any changes.

Yes. Although painful, Immunotherapy for head and neck cancer often provides positive outcomes avoiding the potentially devastating side effects.

Immunotherapy is the use of medicines that helps the patient's immune system to recognize and kill malignant cells more effectively.
The procedure enhances the immune system's ability to eliminate cancers, making it a potential answer to cancer.