Effective Integrative Oncology Treatment In Siliguri

Integrative oncology - as the name suggests, deals with a holistic and overall treatment procedure for cancer. It is an evidence-informed and patient-centric treatment that involves your body and mind. Integrative oncology treatment follows unconventional traditions and uses natural products besides conventional methods to treat cancer.

You can fight cancer with the help of integrative oncology in Siliguri. It provides a better physical and mental post-treatment impact and ensures a less painful implication. Dr. Manish Goswami, leading consultant head and neck surgical oncologist, provides integrative therapies and palliative care, offering a less traumatic cancer treatment program.

What does Integrated Oncology offer?

Integrated Oncology offers several methods to provide physical and mental strength to patients fighting cancer. It helps them to tackle the side effects of chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. Many patients fully recover from cancer with integrative oncology treatment. You can expect better results, if conventional treatments like surgery, chemo & radiation are applied with an integrative therapy plan.

Two major categories of Complementary and Alternative medicines therapies are there:

Complementary Medicine

Complementary Medicines refers to treatment or therapies used side by side with traditional medical treatments. Acupuncture is one such therapy used in calming nausea.

Alternative Medicines

Alternative Medicines are referred to as treatment and used instead of standard clinical procedures. For example, doctors may suggest natural products, instead of taking vitamin infusions.

Safety Considerations

These treatment measures help the patients in most cases. But different people have individual health conditions and risks. Thus, sometimes you may face difficulty in recovery.

Using different treatment therapies

The deadliness of cancer breaks a person both physically and mentally. The treatment proceeding also makes you suffer for a long. However, the focus of such treatment is to help you with the most effective therapies - to keep your mindfulness and nutrition. Some of these therapies include:

  • • Music Therapy
  • • Acupuncture
  • • Massage
  • • Lifestyle Nutrition
  • • Physical Exercise
  • • Meditation
  • • Aromatherapy
  • • Yoga


With an integrative oncology program, you can find a better outcome with cancer therapies. These are more efficient in fighting the ill effects including:

  • • Nausea and vomiting
  • • Pain
  • • Insomnia
  • • Fatigue
  • • Mind-body restlessness
  • • Depression

Get the best integrative oncology in Siliguri and overcome your illness with a positive attitude. It improves your quality of life by lowering the side effects to a great extent. Don’t let negative thoughts creep into your mind. Stay positive and overcome the situation with your doctor.